City of Pleasanton

(925) 931-5376
5353 Sunol Boulevard, Pleasanton, CA 94566
Fax:  (925) 485-3685

Pleasanton also provides services for Sunol.

All Services and Eligibility
Door-to-Door Service: Pleasanton and Sunol residents who are 70 or older OR 18 or older and ADA-certified.
Accessible Fixed-Route Shuttle: Eligibility is the same as the Door-to-Door Service.
Group Trips: Eligibility is the same as the Door-to-Door Service.
Ticket Sales for Public Transit and Paratransit: Same as Door-to-Door Service.
Scholarship/Subsidized Fare: City-funded fee assistance is offered to qualified residents for city-based transportation services.
Travel Training: See Travel Training Programs
Volunteer Driver Program: See Volunteer Driver Programs
Subsidized Taxi Program: See WHEELS Dial-A-Ride

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