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Transportation Services
for Seniors and People with
Disabilities in Alameda County

Alameda County Resources

Alameda County 211

211 is a free, non-emergency, 3-digit phone number that can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call 211 for information on transportation, housing, health, and other human services in your community. Information can be provided in many languages. The 211 services can also be accessed as an online resource guide that allows users to easily search for this information. The online resource guide allows you to easily search for transportation services in your community. To search for transportation resources in Alameda County, go to

City Mobility Management Services

  • City of Emeryville: (510) 569-3730, quarterly travel training and referrals to other Emeryville and Alameda County programs
  • City of Pleasanton: (925) 931-5376, coordinates transfers between its shuttle and LAVTA, produces a rider-friendly mobility management resources, and directs residents to available services
  • Cities of Fremont, Newark, and Union City: (510) 574-2053, individualized trip planning, community outreach, transportation advocacy, and linkage to transportation services

Alameda CTC Mobility Management Initiatives

The Alameda County Transportation Commission has been working on Mobility Management initiatives with various partners for several years. There has always been a strong focus on consumers, with an all-consumer Paratransit Coordinating Council known as the Paratransit Advisory and Planning Committee (PAPCO). PAPCO is supported by the Paratransit Technical Advisory Committee (ParaTAC) which is attended by staff from the ADA paratransit programs, city-based paratransit programs and community based transportation providers. Both committees began learning about and discussing Mobility Management in 2010. The Alameda CTC has been working closely with AC Transit and Eden I&R to implement Alameda County’s Mobility Management one call/one click resource, which can be found at

The Alameda CTC has included multiple Mobility Management topics and sessions in the annual Mobility Workshop. There has also been a strong effort to include Mobility Management programs as appropriate for funding through the Implementation Guidelines and Gap Grant Program Guidelines.

In 2012 the Alameda CTC was awarded a New Freedom grant by the MTC to further Mobility Management in Alameda County. Through this grant, the Alameda County Travel Training Group meets quarterly. Potential one call/one click programs are being supported. The Alameda CTC has been working closely with AC Transit and Eden I&R to implement Alameda County’s Mobility Management one call/one click resource.

For further information on Alameda County efforts, please contact the Alameda CTC.