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About Us

About Access Alameda

Most people rely on multiple transportation services to meet their varied travel needs. The Access Alameda Website is provided to help individuals identify and connect with the accessible transportation services available in Alameda County, including public transit, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit, city-based paratransit programs, and organizations that provide volunteer drivers and/or training on how to travel by using these services in Alameda County.

How to use this website

This website uses “quick guides” to direct you to the accessible transportation services and resources that are most appropriate for you and your current situation. Each of the service pages (Public TransitADA Paratransit, and City-Based Programs) directs you to the services available to you based on where you live. You can quickly link to:

If you are a caretaker or program manager, you can also use this website and the 211 Alameda County Transportation Resources Guide (through Eden I&R) to become educated about the array of accessible transportation options available in Alameda County.