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City Programs

About City Programs

Many cities in Alameda County provide a set of specialized services for:

People with disabilities.
Residents age 18 years and older with a verified disability.

People who take paratransit.
Residents who are eligible for ADA paratransit—or awaiting eligibility.

Older adults.
Residents age 80 and over; some programs have a lower age minimum to qualify.

Types of Programs

Accessible Fixed-Route Shuttles

An accessible transportation service that operates on a fixed-route and schedule. Rides do not need to be pre-scheduled.

Origin-to-Destination Ride Programs

Door-to-Door Ride Program
A pre-scheduled, accessible, door-to-door service available to seniors and/or people with disabilities.

Wheelchair Van Program
An accessible van transportation program, usually pre-scheduled, available to eligible individuals who travel by wheelchair or other mobility device.

Group Trips

Round-trip accessible van rides for pre-scheduled/pre-planned outings like special events, excursions, shopping, or religious services.

Same-Day Transportation

Current providers do not consistently offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Subsidized Taxi or TNC Program
Subsidized taxi or Transportation Network Companies (TNCs, e.g. Uber, Lyft) fares for eligible individuals.

Medical Return Trips Program
Subsidized taxi trips for individuals returning home from medical appointments to eliminate the uncertainty of coordinating trips with a pre-scheduled paratransit provider.

Means-Based Fares

Programs that distribute free or subsidized tickets for public transit and/or paratransit.