Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-mandated Paratransit

East Bay Paratransit

East Bay Paratransit is available in the same places where BART and AC Transit operate. Service is also available to and from San Francisco.

Vary by area. Available when and where either AC Transit or BART operates.


  • Due to a disability or disabling health condition, you must be unable to use AC Transit buses or BART trains.
  • You must start and end your trip within the East Bay Paratransit Service Area.

How to Apply
Call East Bay Paratransit to have an application mailed to you, or download one at Applications.

Mail form to:
East Bay Paratransit
1750 Broadway Street | Oakland, CA 94612

Union City Paratransit

Union City Paratransit provides origin-to-destination ADA paratransit service within Union City. Paratransit Plus provides limited non-ADA service to Union City ADA certified clients to destinations within southern Hayward, northern Fremont, and northern Newark. For ADA service to other destinations outside of Union City borders and/or Paratransit hours of operation (including some holidays), please use East Bay Paratransit.

Mon to Fri 4:30 a.m. – 10:20 p.m.
Sat 6:45 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Sun 7:45 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.


  • You must be a Union City resident AND
  • Due to a disability or health-related condition, you must be unable to ride a regular bus. Persons eligible for Union City Paratransit will also be eligible for East Bay Paratransit and other ADA paratransit services.

How to Apply
Call Union City Paratransit to have an application mailed to you or download one at Applications.

Mail form to:
Union City Paratransit
34650 Seventh Street, Union City, CA 94587

Info: (510) 675-5373
Reservations: (510) 475-1500


Wheels Dial-A-Ride provides ADA paratransit services for the Livermore-Dublin-Pleasanton area.

Approximately 4:30 AM to 1:30 AM seven days per week.


  • You must be in Livermore, Dublin, or Pleasanton AND
  • Due to a disability or health-related condition, you must be either (1) unable to board, ride, or disembark from an accessible Wheels fixed-route transit bus or (2) unable to get to or from a boarding or disembarking location.

How to Apply
Call Wheels to have an application mailed to you or download one at Applications.

1362 Rutan Court, Suite 100
Livermore, CA 94551

Am I Eligible for ADA Paratransit?

You may be eligible for ADA paratransit if your disability prevents you from either:

Using Transit

Your disability prevents you from boarding, riding, or getting on or off a bus or train without the help of someone else, some or all of the time.

Getting To and From Transit

Your disability prevents you from getting to or from a bus stop or train station, some or all of the time.


Applying for ADA Paratransit Service

1. Fill out an application.

Download an application or contact your paratransit provider directly. Submit the application according to the agency’s instructions.
Note: The provider may contact you, ask for additional information, contact a health professional, or invite you for an in-person evaluation of your ability to ride public transit.

2. Receive an evaluation.

If an evaluation is necessary, it could take place in-person or by phone, and may involve either:

      • Discussing why you cannot use public transit.
      • Undertaking a set of physical actions that would be needed to use public transit.

3. Receive your eligibility status.

Within 21 days of receiving your application or completing an evaluation, the paratransit provider will send you a letter regarding your eligibility.

    • If approved, you will receive a brochure with more information.
    • If you don’t get a letter within 21 days, you will be given presumptive (initial) eligibility until a decision is made.
    • You may appeal the decision. Instructions on appealing are included in the letter of eligibility.

Types of Eligibility

EligibilityWhat Does This Mean?
Fully EligibleYou may take ADA paratransit trips at any time the service is available.
Conditionally EligibleYou may take ADA paratransit for some trips, but may be required to take regular transit for other trips, depending on whether certain disabling or environmental conditions affect the trip in question.
Temporarily EligibleYou may be given eligibility for the period of time your disability is expected to prevent you from using public transit.
IneligibleYou may not use paratransit service if you are able to use public transit.

How Do Paratransit Trips Work?

Make a reservation.
Reservations typically must be made at least one day in advance.

Explain where and when you want to go.
Have addresses and a desired time ready.

Enjoy the ride!
The driver will pick you up at your door or at the curb. They may pick up and drop off other passengers during your trip.

Have a recurring trip?
If you have travel needs that happen at the same time each week or month, ask your provider about scheduling a standing order.

Driver Assistance

Drivers will help you get on and off the bus, but do not enter passengers’ homes or destinations. If you need mobility assistance beyond what a driver can provide, you may bring a personal care attendant at no additional charge.