Mobility Management


The National Center for Mobility Management describes mobility management as “an approach to designing and delivering transportation services that starts and ends with the customer. It begins with a community vision in which the entire transportation network—public transit, private operators, bicyclists and pedestrians, volunteer drivers, and others—works together with customers, planners, and stakeholders to deliver the transportation options that best meet the community’s needs.”

Mobility management activities supported by the Alameda County Transportation Commission include transportation information and referrals, individualized transportation needs assessments and service linkages, trip planning and coordination services, and travel training.

call center with gentleman in a wheelchair

Alameda County Resources

Alameda CTC supports a number of mobility management initiatives, beginning with this website and its associated guide, found in the footer. Alameda CTC Direct Local Distribution and Paratransit Discretionary Grant Program funding also support:

2-1-1 Alameda County is a free, non-emergency, confidential, 3-digit phone number and service that provides easy access to transportation and housing information, as well as critical health and human services. 

The website serves as a transportation portal to explore and find a variety of transportation-related resources for various mobility needs. Visit the website to learn more about:

  • Public transit options
  • Door to door ride programs
  • Group trips and excursions
  • Taxi subsidies
  • Fixed route shuttles
  • Transit tickets
  • ADA paratransit options
  • Volunteer driver programs

    You can also call 2-1-1 or text 898211.

Older adults and persons with disabilities residing in Fremont, Newark, or Union City can speak with ROTC staff to get transportation information, get linked with ride services, receive ride coordination assistance, or request advocacy in dealing with a transportation challenge. Ride-On Tri-City! staff can answer questions about:
  • Transportation alternatives to driving
  • Options for getting around on public transit
  • Obtaining and using a Clipper Card
  • Driver’s license renewals
  • Obtaining a disabled person parking placard
  • Maintaining driving safety as you age
  • Getting to medical appointments outside of the Tri-City area 

For more information, contact Ride-On Tri-City! at:

Advisory Committees

The Alameda CTC Commission is advised by an all-consumer Paratransit Coordinating Council known as the Paratransit Advisory and Planning Committee (PAPCO). PAPCO is supported by the Paratransit Technical Advisory Committee (ParaTAC) which is attended by staff from the ADA paratransit programs, City programs and community based transportation providers. These committees have helped provide guidance to Alameda CTC’s mobility management initiatives.